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One main reason smokers don't prefer to enjoy their cannabis from a joint or blunt is that the taste is not as pleasant compared to smoking out of a bong but it can be with our filter tips. Joints and blunts both require the burning of rolling paper or tobacco leaf that is holding the cannabis.

Burning paper with cannabis definitely is not as pleasant as just smoking the bud by itself. However, the taste is not the main complaint from many smokers. When smoking an unfiltered joint or blunt tiny pieces of loose leaves and resin tend to end up in the smoker’s mouth. Unpleasant, to say the least

A bitter hit is what you get when smoking without a filter tip joint.

When smoking cannabis from a bong, the water and percs serve as a filtration system, filtering all the smaller pieces out so that the taste of the rip is cleaner and tastier. Become an expert. Learn how to roll a joint with a filter.

If you are the type of toker that prefers joints and blunts over bongs, or if you like to light up all in one smoke sesh, you just need the right crutch and blunt filter.

Marijuana Filter Tips...

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