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WHAT IS WEED SMELL and how can you mask it with our cover sprays.?

You may notice that different kinds of weed have different aromas. You’re not imagining things! Weed really can smell dramatically different depending on the strain. There are countless scent profiles associated with weed like a glass of red wine, with people enjoying different flavors. For example, more citrusy strains’ smells are often highly prized compared to kinds with a more earthy smell. All these different aromas can leave you wondering how to get the scent of weed out of clothes. Thankfully, our weed odor removal experts are here to explain what that smell is and what you can do to mask it with our cover sprays..

Terpenes are the chemicals that create these smells mask it with our cover sprays. These chemicals aren’t confined to cannabis plants and form the aromas in fruits, vegetables, and other flowers. Many terpenes can exist in the cannabis plant, hence why there are so many different possible smells. Some terpenes smell more enjoyable to certain people, but they still don’t want to leave the house smelling like them. The smell of weed smoke is likely to linger on your outfit regardless of the kind of terpenes in your bud. You’ve probably noticed that different flowers have different scents that all seem to linger for different periods. Luckily, there are things you can do that will help regardless of the strain you’ve smoked or where you’ve smoked it then mask it with our cover sprays..


This one is a tricky question to answer mask it with our cover sprays.. Several factors contribute to how long the smell hangs around, including how much weed you’ve smoked and where you’ve smoked it. For example, a long indoor sesh is likely to linger much longer than a brief outdoor smoke. There are so many factors to consider that it makes answering how long does weed smell stay on clothes an almost impossible task. The best thing you can do to mitigate the odor is only smoke outside and try and limit how much you’re smoking at once or mask it with our cover sprays. This is one of the best ways to manage the weed odor that seems to follow you. Weed odors usually stick around for a good few hours, so the following tips to eliminate them from your clothes can be vital mask it with our cover sprays.


If you’re aiming to get the smell of weed smoke out of your clothes, the following tips may help you mask it with our cover sprays..

As we mentioned above, always smoke outdoors when possible. The fresh air helps to reduce the potency of the lingering smoke and is one of the most effective steps you can take to prevent yourself from smelling like stale bud. Also, the fresh air is better for you than sitting in a room full of old smoke. However, it’s not always possible to change where you can smoke, but thankfully, there are other steps you can take to mask it with our cover sprays..
The most effective way to manage the smoke smell on your clothes is by investing in some cover sprays weed odor removal products. We stock the best spray for your clothes that eliminates any weed odors. There’s nothing quite like our sprays in terms of effectiveness and scent. We take pride in the efficacy of our products and have something in a scent that’s right for you. Choosing our weed odor removal sprays is the most effective way to mask unwanted odors and enjoy your smoke in peace.
Changing your clothes after smoking can also help you avoid smelling of weed. However, this isn’t always possible and is something you can only consider at home. If you think you’re going to be smoking somewhere with something to do after, take a change of clothes with you. A quick outfit change and one of our sprays will leave you completely free of the smell of weed and able to carry on your day with the peace of mind that you smell fresh.

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